Friday, September 18, 2009


I've just returned home to Pittsburgh after going to a very successful playground fundraiser in Buffalo. I have so much I want to write about, but I'm completely exhausted and overwhelmed with emotion. Mostly, I miss my kids so much it hurts.

When I feel this sad, the only thing I can do is look at their pictures and cry. So instead of writing I thought I'd just share some rarely seen pictures...

Kate when she was 5 months old. She was a wonderful, easy-going, happy baby...

This is the day Peter was born. Kate was 22 months old and she was a perfect big sister. She was never jealous, always very loving and Peter loved Kate more than anything in the world..

Kate often tried to climb into Peter's crib...and he was always excited to see her.

I've run out of words, but their beautiful faces speak volumes...

Here they are with their Grandparents, who I know miss them as much as I do...


  1. I have been thinking of you so much these last two days, sending strength your way. Thank you for sharing the most beautiful pictures. Loved the one of you with Peter. Also the two in the crib, cute to cute

  2. The look on Peter's face as he sits upon the pot reads "EXCUSE ME???!!!!!!, Hello??? Privacy, please!" Love it. xxoxo

  3. Those pictures are absolutely precious. I looked through each of them and found myself full of tears but with a smile on my face. Those pictures are such a sweet reflection of those beautiful kids who warmed so many hearts, including mine. The unforgettable moments they shared with you and the rest of their family...all the laughter and fun they brought to everyone lives, that is something that unfortunately can't come through in those pictures. But those moments they are permanently etched in your heart, and I thank you for sharing them with so many others. Thinking of you and your family constantly.

  4. Amy I have no words. Only that I think of your children every single day and I love you.

  5. I am so sorry. I can't stop thinking "it's not fair, it's not!". You are amazing Amy. Thanks for sharing that love, thanks for your courage.

  6. Just found your blog, Amy. I truly regret that we lost touch over the years. I think of you all the time. Thanks for letting us into your heart.

    Ellen Amarante

  7. Your children are beautiful. I am truly sorry and I wish u the best of luck with your blog and your life. I can't stop crying and can't imagine your pain. You're in my thoughts...