Wednesday, September 23, 2009

another dream...

So I just woke up from a dream that my kids were back, at least temporarily. In my dream it was Wednesday night (which would be tonight) and I did get to help them with their homework and do snack and a story with them. It was really nice, even if it was only a dream.


  1. Amy...what a tease those rare moments of dreaming can be. Our minds determined way to process our memories and pain. Kate and Peter's hearts are inextricably linked forever with yours and I'm sure you cherish the minutes when you can see or feel their presence. I admire your unyielding courage and thinking of you and your family constantly. Don't let yourself stop the process...I admire your desire and perserverance to make it through each day, even on those mornings where getting up seems like way too much work.

  2. Hi Amy - I have been neglecting my blog lately - and just noticed you (I always think no one follows me - most of my friends email me comments or tell me in person that they agree / disagree - Come on, guys - give me some comments so I can realize my dream of my own online magazine! :-). I was thinking of you these past back to school weeks. Funny that we've never actually met; we share quite a few friends and acquaintances. Anyway, I love your blog - totally dig your honesty and, as you know, admire your strength so much. Before I go on - your kids, as you KNOW, are just gorgeous - smiley, beautiful, full of so much joy. What a life you have given them. Your dream makes me cry - just because you deserve to have them here - and they deserve your help with their homework (unless you're horribly bad at math or something, right?:-) - you all deserve the bedtime story and snack together. I was very close to my Dad, and he died 3 years ago, and I dream of him now and then - they are real, vivid dreams - I see his face, I hear his voice, he counsels me on whatever worries me at the moment..... It all makes me think that they are here with us - in spirit - in energy - in memory - whatever capacity our individual beliefs allow. I'm enjoying your honesty and will look forward to your future posts. Hope you don't mind - I'm going to follow you too (and I promise to clean up the layout on my is UGLY right now).

  3. That was their way of telling you that they're okay :)

    I hope they visit often in your dreams...