Thursday, March 3, 2011

Here's a little something I found...

Last year, when I was in Australia visiting my brother, I had an interesting experience; yet another non-coincidence.

My mom, my brother, Ken and I were taking a train from the Syndey Harbour to my brother's apartment, just outside the city. I happened to look out the window and for a split-second saw this:

Peter *hearts* Katie

I kinda thought I was hallucinating. No one else saw it, but I could have sworn I had just seen my kids names painted, with a heart, on the side of some building.

A few days later we took the same train and I made everyone else watch for it too. Indeed, there it was. I wasn't hallucinating. Unfortunately, we moved by so quickly there was no possible way to take a picture.

I'm not saying that finding this graffiti is any sort of special sign or anything. I just thought it was pretty cool. And, honestly, I think the chances of me coincidentally looking in that direction at that exact moment were pretty slim. I'm sure whoever painted it was referring to a different "Peter and Katie", but it still made me smile.

You've probably never heard me refer to Kate as "Katie" because I never called her Katie. She didn't really like that nickname, although there were two people she allowed to call her that: her paternal grandfather, Dziadziu, and her Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. S. She loved when they called her Katie.

I have been wanting a picture of this graffiti since I was in Sydney, but I had no way of getting one. Last night I was randomly googling my kids - I mean, when you're looking for someone, isn't the internet the first place to start?! - when I decided to try "peter katie sydney graffiti pic". It worked! Thankfully, this person took a picture and uploaded it to Flickr. I don't you, but whoever you are, thank you!

So, while I haven't exactly found my kids, I have found a little something. Maybe that means I'm on the right track. Thank you all for your encouragement and advice about my journey to find them. I appreciate it.


  1. That is pretty cool. :-)

  2. How awesome Amy:)

  3. I am so glad for you that you found this.

  4. That gave me chills. A definite sign. Keep going Amy..

  5. I had a huge smile reading this! Then all the other comments were smiling too!!!

    XOXO and :-)

  6. Glad the quest is going so well. I hope you don't mind, I posted a blog response on my blog.

    Feel free to tell me if it makes you uncomfortable. It's obv not my intention to offend another bereaved mum xx

  7. Read all your back posts the other night. I'm so terribly sorry that Kate and Peter died so tragically. I lost my daughter Catherine last April - and relate to much of what you write x