Monday, August 30, 2010

So sorry...

I apologize that I haven't written in such a long time!! Life has been unbelievably busy lately - I'm trying to keep up with school, working on starting my own personal chef business and planning my wedding - plus I've been really, really sad.

I do want to thank everyone who commented on my last post with suggestions for my wedding!! There were so many great ideas and I'm still figuring out which ones I want to use and which ones will fit into our small little ceremony.

Butterflies were a huge theme in the comments and continue to be a huge theme in my life (I'm working on a post about that) so I'd like to work them in somewhere. I'm not too keen on releasing real butterflies because I feel bad about keeping them all cooped up before releasing them (I'm a bit of a freak when I comes to animals). Also, October is a little late in the year for butterflies. However, I may ask the pastry chef who's making my cake if he can decorate the cake with butterflies.

I also loved the idea of including a passage from one of my kids' favorite books as a reading in the ceremony, so I'm working on finding an appropriate book. Peter's most recent favorite book was "Wacky Wednesday" and Kate was into "One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish" so that makes it challenging. I still have a bunch of Todd Parr and Mo Willems books to look through so I'm thinking there's a good chance I'll find something. It is incredibly hard to read all of those books without them, but I know I can do it.

Thank you again for all of the suggestions! I'm still considering pansies and pictures and many of the other ideas you all came up with. I'll let you know what I finally decide on. And I'll try my best to write more often when things calm down a bit. This school quarter ends September 15th (can't wait!!!) so that should free up some time.

This week Ken and I are going to Algonquin Provincal Park in Canada for a few days of canoeing and backcountry camping. I don't think I've ever really camped - like in a tent where there are no real bathrooms or showers or cell phone towers. I'm super excited to be that close to nature and see wildlife up close, but I'm also scared out of my mind that I won't be able to pee, or let's face it - poo, for five days. I mean, I'm not real good at squatting behind a bush. Ewww.

It should be interesting and I'm sure I'll have much to tell you about that experience.


  1. The personal chef idea sounds great. My neighbor had one for a few weeks who worked through one of the popular CSA farms in the area - Kreutzmann's (sp?) - might be a good way to get started - meet potential clients.... Also - the Helping Hands organization in Pitt often hooks people up with personal chefs if the family is in need; however, you seem to have such great event planning and other creative skills, you may want to go the high end route :-). Have a good time camping!

  2. Enjoy camping and canoeing! I just got back from kayaking in the Colorado River (hubby's idea, not mine) and my only advice is take lots of Ben Gay!! For some reason my right arm hurt like hell (I'm right handed) but my left arm didn't hurt a bit. Oy was I sore!!

    Kathy C.

  3. That is awesome that you are starting a personal chef business! I am so thrilled for you!

    Sounds like you have a lot of great ideas for the wedding. So looking forward to hearing about the plans and seeing pictures from the big day! You deserve an AMAZING WEDDING DAY!

  4. Enjoy your time away! I love the ideas of the pansies as centerpieces from below and also giving guests a flower. Also, and I hate to tell someone to buy something for their wedding, but I LOVE the butterfly bouquets you can get now, and while they aren't cheap, they are about as much as having a florist make you a bouquet. This one on etsy is very pretty.

    Wishing you a lovely trip!

  5. So very happy for you...You deserve all of the wonderful things that you are feeling with Ken. You are the butterfly, and your kids are your wings. Don't be afraid to fly...they are right next to you!

  6. I have never posted a comment on anything before,but I have been reading your blog for quite some time and felt i needed to say something. You have remarkable courage, to get up in the morning,and go on with daily life without your children.You are truly an inspiration,from reading Ibelieve your children are always with you. I hope and pray you find peace. Enyoy your week away, and have a magical wedding.

  7. I grew up with a father who always said (during one of our thousand camping trips).... "the world is your toilet." Ewww, I know. But if nature calls you'll do what you have to and you will survive!! Have a great time communing with nature. It's one of the most wonderful things I can think to do with a little free time.

  8. My family and I spent a week in Algonquin when I was in high school. It's a beautiful place with incredible hiking and canoeing. I hope you're enjoying your break from the work a day world!

  9. I know of someone else who lost a child and they had a charm with a picture of their son hanging on it hanging off the ribbon on all the bouquets and centerpieces. It was beautiful!