Sunday, August 1, 2010

so many thoughts, so little time...

So much going on. So busy. So tired. So much to write about.

So, I write nothing at all.

This is me. This is how I've always been. When I get overwhelmed and have too much to do, I do nothing. Well, I shouldn't say nothing. But instead of attacking my 16 page to-do list I bake cookies or do some online shopping or spend three hours playing Unblock Me on my phone.

I realize my behavior isn't rational, but it's what I do. At least until I'm forced, by some sort of deadline, to actually get things done.

In the past couple of weeks I've had so much I've wanted to write about: how the lobster massacre at school nearly turned me into a vegetarian, how perennial pansies are growing in front of my house and how planning my wedding is simultaneously the most fun and exciting yet saddest thing I've ever done.

I promise, as soon as I can slow myself down enough to stick with one storyline at a time I will write and share. Until then...I'm gonna go play Family Feud on Facebook. Trouble.


  1. I do the same thing! I have a basement full of things to clean out, sort and possibly get rid of. I never know where to start. I get overwhelmed and usually sweep the cleanest part of my house just to feel like I accomplished something. And then I go play Whizzword on my computer! You are not alone!

    Take care,

  2. add me to the "me, too" pile. i've got a big, ugly deadline staring me in the eye, but i'm checking all my favorite web sites (ahem) before i lunge back into the fray.
    still, i am glad you're doing well, and hope to hear more from you soon! hugs!

  3. Amy - I didn't think I missed any posts... I check all the time! But, alas, after this one I stared bug eyed at my computer - "engaged"?? So I went back, back, back and found your post announcing your wonderful news. Congratulations!! Also, I am the same as you about the whole the more I have to do the less I get done thing. I can completely relate! So I just want to say I am so very happy for you - as I'm sure your children are (beautiful rainbow :) and I thank you for being in my not-getting-much-done club!

  4. OK - years ago, I went to Montauk Pt. in NY with my best friend and her mom (her uncle had a place there). The whole time her mom was making fun of me for worrying about the big lobster feast they had planned for later in the week (don't like boiling anything alive), BUT.... when the day came... AND the lobsters peeped and scraped and knocked the lid off the pot, my friend's mom cried, tried to rescue the lobsters, left the room to stand in a sleet storm on the deck..... Mmmm Hmmmm.... lobster massacres are hard to take ... though I'm sure you handled it like a chef ;-).

    Think it's fine to take a little break from your planning and your thoughts and all that you have going on. Summer is like that, though, isn't it?

  5. It also bothers me very much when I see lobsters getting cooked. Now mind you, I LOVE the taste of lobster, so that makes me a hypocrite. But just imagining their poor little bodies in that boiling pot of water - my god, it seems so cruel. My stepson is the sweetest little boy - he started crying recently at a Chinese restaurant because he saw them lift a fish out of the fish tank to cut it up for someone's meal. He was like "WHY are they doing that?" I said "That's where fish comes from". He said "I'm never eating fish again!" Poor little guy!