Thursday, April 29, 2010

Overwhelmed, but it's all good...

So culinary school is a lot of work! It's not that I thought it would be easy - I knew I had a lot to learn - I just didn't realize there'd be so much homework. And, I thought if I did have homework it would be baking a cake or making a lasagna or something involving me spending time in a kitchen. I had no idea there would be research papers! Who woulda thought?!

In the past four weeks I've been working really hard (I'm definitely doing more work than I did in college and those of you who went to college with me know I'm not lying), getting very little sleep - my classes start at 7am, therefore I get up at 5am - and learning a lot. For the most part I love it. A five hour class goes by before I know it, I don't even look at the clock. I get to make all sorts of things I can't even pronounce! It's fun and quite challenging; it's a good thing.

In addition to going to school, I'm also hoping to put my house on the market in the near future and find another house to move into (don't worry - I'm not leaving Pittsburgh, just changing neighborhoods). Again, a lot of work! My house needs help - besides all the things that need to be fixed, I have lots of stuff to organize, get rid of, pack up and store. I'm sort of 'forced' to go through my kids things, which is difficult but necessary. Fortunately, I have great friends who are willing to help. For the most part I'm keeping and packing up everything because there isn't much I can part with, and that's just the way it is.

It's weird - a few months ago I wanted everything to stay where it was, I couldn't imagine moving my kids things at all. Now I guess I'm ready. I'm starting to separate myself emotionally, spiritually and physically from my house and it doesn't really feel like my house anymore. I'm looking forward to the change and it's good to know I can take all my kids' stuff with me (and more importantly, that they'll be with me wherever I go).

I have my work cut out for me - with both school and moving. And if that isn't enough, I met with the Parks Conservancy today to talk about recent developments in planning Kate and Peter's Treehouse. Things are really moving, which is very, very exciting!!!! As soon as I have anything concrete to share I will, but for now I can tell you that we've received some design proposals and are reviewing them. It's almost surreal to me that all these designers have ideas for Kate and Peter's Treehouse, that they want to help make this project a reality. But it is real and this treehouse is gonna be amazing. Thank you so much to everyone who has donated to the project so far!

So while 'overwhelmed' is sort of an understatement for my life right now, I'm glad I'm overwhelmed with good things. And now I must get back to my homework...


  1. Glad school is good. I want pictures of your homework - OK, not the papers (what are you writing papers on??) - but any food homework. What's the best thing you've made so far? I know you're crazy busy but thanks for taking the time to post. And is there a way to donate for funding the Treehouse? Or to help purchase something for what you're hoping to do? I'd like to be a part of your effort.

  2. I am so excited for you that you are enjoying school! Keep up the good work - and good luck on the house search. :)

  3. Sounds great. I was wondering how culinary school was going - having not yet taken the plunge myself yet. It does sound like a lot of work! But ... you're right .... sounds all good. So - good luck with the move and CONGRATS on the treehouse project - that is fantastic that it is progressing so well and so quickly.

  4. So good to hear from you. So happy school is going well.
    I wish you the best on your move. It sounds like it is the right time. So true, about Kate and Peter being with you wherever you go.
    I look forward to hearing more.
    Take Care,

  5. You sound really happy, Amy. It seems like you're starting to climb the mountain again. I'm keeping good thoughts in mind for the days ahead.

  6. There are some really nice houses that just came on the market in Forest Hills (Edgewood Acres). You might want to check them out if you're not already committed. Anon.

  7. Amy, It is nice to hear your kept busy with something you love during this difficult time. And I think moving will be a step in the right direction.You should just pack and label the childrens things.No matter what anyone says you are the judge of when it is time to get rid or donate things.It may be soon or it may be never and that is perfectly ok.You should hold on to your memories forever if it is what you need to do and don't let anyone tell you differently.Are you moving to a smaller place? Will you still be close to family and friends?Someday I hope you have lots of people to fill us your new place because you deserve it.I would of never thought culinary school would be so difficult but I guess if you think of all the different foods and ways to make them that could be something very challenging to learn and then have to maka them edible at the same time!I hope someday to visit the restaurant where your the head chef.The possibilities are endless.I think of you so much and hope you find someone to help you through this rough journey and help fullfill your time until your reunion with your angels.They have to be so very proud of you because everyone that follows you is.I am always amazed at your accomplishments and look forward to visiting Kate and Peters treehouse.You could not of honored them in a better way.They will love it and that will keep them busy for many many years.I know this may seem personel but do you have anyone special in your life right now to help you through the rough times other than girlfriends if you know what I mean!I sure hope so because you deserve happiness and hopefully that includes more children.Not to forget or replace yours because that will never be the case but to give other children the opportunity of having the most amazing mother in the world.Do not ever feel guilty if you think of having a sibling for Kate and Peter someday.You deserve it all and I feel in my heart you will get that.And then someday you will all reunite with your angels and be one big happy family again!Keep your head up.And I wish you all the best in school.It would not surprise me if you had your own restaurant someday.

  8. Good for you. I think selling the house is a good thing- time to move forward and make a fresh start. I agree with the longer post that deciding what to do with your babies' things can be made over time. Some things would help other families, some may need to be boxed up and kept for the memories. When I see your pictures I feel such a warm, wonderful vibe- happy children, loving mother! You did (and are doing!) really well. I think and pray for you often. Best of luck with your current endeavor- I'll be checking in and thanks for sharing.

  9. a good family friend, who lost her two young boys and her husband in a car accident about 10 years ago, gave my baby boy a set of walkie talkies and a wooden abacus that had belonged to her kids for Día del Niño last weekend. I was overwhelmed by the present, because I know she still treasures many of her children's things and I would too, probably, but she said she wanted Santi to have them and have fun with them.
    anyway I guess what I'm trying to say is, it's great that you're holding on to your kids' things, you could keep them forever, or maybe someday you will want to give some of them away to make another child happy.
    god bless!

  10. Hi Amy! I've been thinking of you a lot lately! Peace be with you!

  11. Just wanted to let you know that someone is thinking of you and praying for you especially this coming Sunday. I see nothing wrong with keeping you childrens things. I know that when the time is right you will just know what to do. Good luck in school. Just a passing stranger who wanted to wish you well.