Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Paris with Peter

I'm planning on traveling a lot in the next few months and this morning, while thinking about my future trips, this cute Peter story popped into my head.

On the way home from Pre-K one day Peter said, "Mama, can we go to Paris sometime?" I replied, "Maybe someday, but Paris is very far away. Why do you want to go to Paris?" In true Peter form he said, "I want to go to Paris to get a baguette. We had baguettes for snack today and they were yummy. That's what they call bread in Paris."

Those of you who know Peter know that he was one of the pickiest eaters ever, existing on a diet of only simple carbohydrates. He lived on everything beige...waffles, pancakes, cereal, toast with peanut butter, bagels and cream cheese (which he pronounced like creme fraiche), cookies, cake and the occasional chicken finger. Fruits and vegetables were nowhere to be found in his diet, unless they were baked into something else. It's no surprise he loved baguettes and wanted to find their source. :)

I told Peter that baguettes were available at Whole Foods, so we would get him one there, but that someday we would try to get to Paris.


  1. I had never heard this story before and I love it. You tell it well (I think you're doing an awesome job with the writing by the way) and it made me laugh out loud a couple times--thanks for that. I'm glad you were able to put the artwork's totally amazing!

  2. I do remember how much Peter loved ''Letters from Felix'' in Mrs. Herrle's class. He was certainly inspired : ) And his Obama T-shirt he wore so proudly...he certainly was a refined young man.