Wednesday, April 20, 2011

If it fits, it's a carry on...

In June of 2007, Steve and I took Kate and Peter to Disney World as a surprise for Kate's 5th birthday. When we got to the gate in Pittsburgh there was a box showing the acceptable size of a carry on item. In true kid fashion, Kate and Peter both climbed inside.

Peter was eating a bagel with cream cheese (no surprise there) and had cream cheese all over his face:

Kate was just happy:

Here they are, complete with mouse ears and one of Peter's many silly faces:


  1. Oh my goodness but the are beautiful and filled with joy. What fun that must have been.

  2. What wonderful pictures! Thank you for sharing.

    Also, I saw today in an email from Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy that they are moving forward with the Kate and Peter's treehouse. Exciting! Thank you for wanting to remember your kids in a way that will make other kids' lives better.

  3. Perfect - their smiles are just infectious... they are such gorgeous, gorgeous kids Amy xx

  4. I don't know if anyone could look at that silly face Peter is making in the last picture and not smile. Thanks so much for sharing those amazing and priceless little moments with us!

  5. Thinking of you today Peter on your birthday, and sending healing thoughts to you Amy. I know we miss our children every day, but some days cut more than others xx

  6. I checked in today just to see what photos you had posted for Peter's b-day, and.... love them! So funny. Peter is being so silly; Kate is doing a perfect Princess smile :-).