Tuesday, February 15, 2011

One good thing...

Before I begin this post I want to thank you all once again for hanging with me through all of the sadness. Your comments and encouragement mean so much. Hearing that this blog is helping people - instead of just being self-absorbed and negative, as it sometimes feels to me - is very important. As long as this blog is helping people (myself included), I will continue to write.

I promised to write as soon as I found something positive and, thankfully, I have. So here it is:

I'm back in school now (I took the fall off for my wedding) and this quarter is all about baking. I am quite surprised and very happy to tell you that I think I may love baking more than anything I have ever done in my entire life! For real. I mean, I love to cook and I have always enjoyed baking, but seriously, I'm enjoying this class more than I thought possible.

In the past I've tried to not spend too much time writing about food because I don't want Callapitter to turn into a food blog, but right now my life is kind of food-centric so I may have to go there for a little while. I also don't have a fancy camera and I don't know how to take the beautiful pictures you see in other blogs, but I would like to share a few of the things I've made so far.

I apologize in advance if you're on a low-carb diet, or any kind of diet for that matter.

French Bread

Spritz Cookies

Pecan Sticky Buns

Biscuits (They're heart-shaped because I was practicing at home and didn't have a round biscuit cutter. And it was almost Valentine's Day.)

My favorite so far: Croissants

There is a down-side to all of this baking which is the fact that I've been consuming all of these baked goods almost as fast as I bake them. I haven't stepped anywhere near a scale in the past few weeks, but so far my clothes still fit. I'm sure that soon I will have to take measures to counteract all of the butter and sugar ingestion that's been going on. For now I'm just enjoying the fact that for at least 10 hours a week I'm distracted from my pain and sadness and I'm doing something I enjoy.


  1. Yay! How exciting and yummy looking!
    Keep enjoying those 10 hours of peace.

  2. OK - so I am doing a bit of a New Year's Resolution low carb (low fat, sugar - anything tasty :-( thing, but....I think the photos were enough to hold me over for a bit :-). Croissants are yummy, but that french bread and the pecan sticky buns are lookin' pretty good too..... Enjoy your baking!

  3. Please share all of your baking with us! This blog is whatever you want it to be. It was lovely to see and looks delicious! I am glad you are finding some joy in baking.

  4. Glad your blogging again. The baking looks wonderful!

  5. It all looks awesome, Amy. Hooray for baking!

  6. I think the pics are GREAT! I really like the heart shape biscuits....mmmm I love me some biscuits! When are you bringing some my way??? And I say, GOOD FOR YOU! DO WHAT YOU LOVE : )

  7. You always have been good at baking, now you have a class to prove it.

    And, Peter would be very proud of your French bread (though I still think fondly of him every time I see a baguette!).

  8. Wow, Amy - that looks absolutely amazing!!

  9. This is YOUR blog and you can write anything you want (or not write at all). Everything looks delicious and you are a deeply lovable person, IMHO.

  10. oh wow , i actually did loads of baking after harvey died, i made bread for the first time nearly every week, i can't tell you how therapeutic it was and i really have no idea why, how weird.! your food looks delicious and i wish i could pop over with some jam and cream and have a hot cup of tea and a chat to go with those biscuits and croissants!! glad you are still blogging, anne xxx

  11. First, I'm so glad you're back....you definitely help me! I think about you often and your story and blog help me focus on the important things in my day (actually, not things at all - my dh and dd). Second, I too love to bake and find it therapeutic. It makes others happy too which, of course, makes me feel good to spread some 'cheer'! If you're looking for a home for all those calories maybe you can donate the food to a family in need? Glad you've found 10 hours of bliss in your week, Amy. Keep the faith.

  12. Looks like these photos came straight from the website of a famous bakery!!