Monday, September 27, 2010

Treehouse update:

Since the public meeting about Kate and Peter's Treehouse back in June, planning has slowed down quite a bit. The Parks Conservancy is in the process of updating it's Regional Parks Master Plan and part of that process includes looking at many possible sites for the Treehouse. Once the Master Plan is complete we will attempt to resume planning.

This Saturday, October 2nd, there will be another public meeting at 9:00 am at Colfax Elementary School. At 10:45, following an overview and dialogue about Frick Park's current and future needs, the meeting will move into the park itself. Four possible sites for the Treehouse will be examined during this outdoor workshop.

If you feel strongly about Frick Park and Kate and Peter's Treehouse and you are available this Saturday morning, please come to this meeting. The Parks Conservancy needs as much feedback as possible before we continue to move forward. Click here to RSVP and reserve a spot. Hope to see you there!


  1. I am triple-booked that morning, but... will make others aware. Glad to hear it is still moving forward.

  2. Wish I could be there - but will be there in thought. Best of luck!!!

  3. Can't make it, but posted it in my FB page... hope it is a great meeting.

  4. I am not sure how to advocate for location in Frick Park from Buffalo, but would like to help out in your plans. As a Buffalo resident who spent a year in P'burgh, I can say, there is no urban park quite like Frick Park. You have to look to Central Park or Presidio out in CA to even match it's breadth and beauty. We spent every day in P'burgh at Frick and love all the playgrounds. I think that the intersection between a conceptual playground and the natural beauty of the park marks it as a perfect entrance to the wooded surroundings. To place it elsewhere would be a destination. In a location at Frick kids would naturally feel the draw to the outdoors, the boundlessness of our world, and maybe even a drive to experience it further. That's pretty big ground for play to cover, but I think that your ideas and positioning it at Frick is absolutely onto something major in terms of recreating our urban spaces so we better include the outside. Lead the way Pittsburgh!